Kindling Your Light

Spiritual Life Coach & Bio-Energy Specialist

Why Us?

At Guiding Inner-Light, we are passionate about helping people regain control within their lives, in order to promote a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous lifestyle. With a strong foundation with both in the field of Science and Quantum Energy, we are able to provide powerful and transformative change. Blockages can occur at many different levels, whether it be Emotional Trauma, Spiritual Disharmony, or Lack of Feng Shui within the environment. With our in-depth knowledge of Quantum Mechanics and Energy, we are able to fully address imbalances and unleash the natural, powerful flow of energy.


Our Location

1303 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91202

Mon - Fri, 8pm - 5pm

Saturday, 11am - 2pm

Contact Us: 818-669-2171

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