About Us

William has been working with clients for over 5 years in cleansing, clearing and balancing the energies within their homes, businesses, and personal lives.

William uses his extraordinary knowledge of Energy, Quantum Physics and Mechanics, the Law of Attraction, and ancient Wisdom (like Feng Shui) to support individuals, organizations and corporations in obtaining/restoring peace and harmony within their relationships, businesses/homes, and professional careers.He trained with various masters in different energy balancing modalities in order to finetune his craft and skills, and his clients feel the beneficial effects and outcomes of his sessions in extraordinarily lifechanging ways.

Ani's field of expertise is within the field of science and personal development and primarily employs her vast experience in Rapid Transformational Therapy in order to get to the very root of a problem in order to solve it at its core. Learning and teaching techniques that the giants in the industry employ, such as Tony Robbins, Bruce Lipton, Marisa Peer, Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle, Ani is also a tremendously knowledgeable Life Coach. 

Ani hopes to bring harmony and an expansiveness of being to all of her clients.