Rachel (Marina Vet): William has helped me break through blocks in my life that I've been carrying for many years. I would struggle with depression and direction. He's helped me overcome so many obstacles that now my practice is much more efficient. 

 Kristal (Enviornmental Scientist): Working with William has been an incredible blessing to my family and home.  I am so thankful he has cleared my house of negative energy.  I had seen one entity multiple times which caused me tremendous anxiety, and since working with William I have thankfully not seen or felt it again.  My house has experienced a lightness I have not felt in a very long time, and I have since been much more relaxed and happy in general knowing my house is free of negative energy.  I can honestly say William is a godsend and I would not hesitate to employ his services again or recommend him to any close friends or family.     


Bryan’s RTT Session on Dealing with a Traumatic Event: I was honestly a little bit creeped out that I was able to get over the trauma that I experienced over 5 years ago and would reexperience regularly in just one session. It was so impressive that I re-watched a movie 10 days after the session that would have ordinarily triggered me, but it didn’t happen. This was an amazing experience and the relief that I felt after the session is still with me and has changed my life in a very positive way. 


 Melissa’s RTT Session on Dealing with Money Blocks: I have always had a tough time with money and saving money, and I wanted to stop that behavior and find out what was causing it. I was able to see which scenes from my past lead me to form some toxic beliefs about money and Ani helped me clear them. I honestly feel less anxiety and worry about my finances now and feel confident asking for a raise at work, which I am positive that I will get. Thank you, Ani!


 Jordan’s RTT Session on Dealing with Intimate Relationships & Self-Confidence: I owe Ani everything and I am not even joking as I say that. I have been dealing with feeling unlovable and like I am not good enough since childhood and Ani helped me see where these thoughts and feelings were coming from and clear them, and I was able to get back together with my ex and not have my old monsters show up in our relationship again. I’ve seen a therapist regularly for the past few years with little results and I can’t believe that just one session of RTT gave me these results and that I don’t have to revisit these issues ever again. I can’t recommend Ani enough to my friends and family and have already booked more sessions with her to heal other aspects of my life as well.


 Trinity’s RTT Session on Clearing Negative Beliefs around her Real Estate Career: I went to Ani based on a referral from a friend and I knew I was in the right place when she effortlessly took me to scenes that I could not remember from childhood that were affecting my sense of self-worth and whether I was good enough to have success and a stable financial situation. I am thankful to have cleared those blocks and now it is easier for me to make calls and talk to my clients because my beliefs have changed for the better. Highly recommend her to real estate agents who are looking to take their business to the next level!